Food with a Conscience


Globally involved and providing the highest quality of food production, FWAC is at the forefront of food safety and innovation for our ever increasing customer base.

The vision of Food with a Conscience has evolved over the years of our growth. We are now globally involved and focused on providing the highest quality in both food production for our increasing customer base and in food safety using our innovative Supplier Management System. ​​

Our universal desire is that those in the food supply chain embrace responsibility for the well-being of our shared environment. ​​

Our clientele includes airlines, institutional and retail industries. ​​

Our goal is to combine a selection of healthy, well balanced meals for our consumers, safely prepared in pristine conditions. Our kitchens emphasize processes that meet the FWAC foundation and principles. ​

We expect each of our clients using the SMS to share and abide by our high quality food safety standards. ​​

Food with a Conscience is a name in our industry that is synonymous with quality, integrity, food safety and reliability.