Food with a Conscience


Food with a Conscience’s mission and philosophy is to promote and continuously broaden the highest standards of food quality, nutritional value, cleanliness and safety of food presented to the public.

FWAC is focused on people, planet and profitability. We look to success in this multi-level structure looking for no less from our partners and clients.

We apply our critical standards to food suppliers and their products via our Supplier Management System. This is accomplished by meticulously monitoring the food safety standards of any company associated with our brand.

We endorse Nutri-Cuisine and its exceptional nutritional standards which is currently served on the on-board café and Air Canada business class.

Nutritional Balance

Nutritional Balance Apply industry-leading knowledge to provide consumers with nutritionally balanced food choices, bolstered by natural cooking methods and the exclusion of unnecessary additives or preservatives.

Quality of Ingredients

As the foundation for gastronomic products of superior appearance, freshness and taste, only quality and naturally grown items are used.

Regional Taste & Sourcing

To reduce our carbon footprint and ensure preeminent freshness, regional ingredients are highly encouraged, promoting sustainable economic growth in communities.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Food with a Conscience is aligned with people, our planet and profitability. Our focus is the total impact of our actions and products. Both must promote the well-being of our environment and the people we serve.