Food with a Conscience


The SMS provides your company and your customers with an effective and low cost means of tracking your current capability of meeting food safety requirements.

Food with a Conscience Supplier Management System (SMS) is a fundamental and crucial online management database. Our fundamental goal is to assist small and medium sized food companies demonstrate their readiness and qualifications in an efficient way with respect to food safety and other in demand certifications. ​

If you are already certified to one of the Global Food Safety Initiative’s benchmarked certification programs, you can easily use the SMS to provide all your customers with up-to-date information on your certifications. ​

If your food business is still working towards a food safety management system certification, the SMS provides both you and your customers with a transparent mechanism to track your progress towards certification. ​

The SMS also allows your food business to identify compliance with regulatory requirements and demonstrate any other certifications that you have earned, including those covering quality certifications such as organic or other attributes including sustainability, non-GMO, kosher or halal, plant-based, gluten free, etc. ​

The SMS will increase your company’s visibility with a wide range of customers.

It will allow you to demonstrate your company’s food safety competence and the depth of your commitments to quality and other in-demand attributes demanded by from customers and consumers. ​

The SMS market access features are a low-cost opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

To elucidate SMS’s five-tiered program:

Effectuate food quality and safety due diligence

Centralize administrative documentation for food and non-food suppliers and distributors

Ensure each food supplier provides a third-party audit

Certify corrective action reports as needed, with correction follow-ups

Provide an automated food quality and safety process that monitors suppliers

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